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Updated Data and Six New Cities Added

Recently, new metrics were added on COVID-19 deaths.  The data platform was also updated to include available data for all metrics spanning the years 2010–2020.  Learn More

New Metrics Added on Homelessness and Flu Vaccinations

Recently, new metrics were added to the platform on homelessness and flu vaccinations.  City metrics on homelessness include the percent of unhoused persons who are non-white, percent of unhoused persons who are children, and the ratio of unhoused persons per 100 vacant rental housing units.  A flu vaccination metric is also now available on the platform for the percent of fee-for-service Medicare enrollees who had a flu vaccine.  Learn more

New Data Brief Published on Obesity and City Environment

The Urban Health Collaborative created a new data brief, “Using the Big Cities Health Inventory to Examine Obesity and City Environment in Select U.S. Cities.”  Data from the platform showed that the BCHC cities with higher prevalence of obesity tended to be more disadvantaged on multiple dimensions.  Learn more

New Infographic on Maternal and Child Health

In partnership with the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC), the Drexel Urban Health Collaborative (UHC) has updated and redesigned the Coalition’s Big Cities Health Inventory data platform.  A webinar was held on December 8th, 2021 where BCHC and UHC discussed new features, use cases for health departments and other public health professionals, and functionality.  During the webinar, the team shared an infographic that looked at the platform’s metrics on maternal and child health in relation to CDC’s Healthy People 2030 goals. The infographic illustrates how users can use the platform’s data to assess progress relative to national benchmarks.  Learn more